How many channels have Tbn network?

Answer This depends on what city you live in, but usually the local channels are located on the lower number channels 2-50.

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Why when using dish network remote control in UHF to change a channel it goes through many channels before it stops Have the receiver favorites set to all channels Remote works fine in IR mode?

Some remotes can be used in IR or UHF mode but not both. What model is the remote, 21.0 or a different model? When a remote is switched to UHF from IR, it needs to be readdressed to the receiver so... Read More »

How many channels does dish network have for 29.99?

Our $29.99 programming package has over 120 channels with local channels included. You can go to our website at DISHNetwork to view the channels included with each programming package and informati... Read More »

How many TV channels does dish network have?

Dish Network satellite TV has hundreds of channels--many of them in HD. They also have many international channels from across the globe.

How many on demand channels does dish network have?

You will be able to find the television show, Naruto: Shippuden on the Disney XD channel (DISXD) which is on either channel 174, or 847.