Mac trackpad not working right?

Answer You most likely have a MacBook or MacBook Pro unibody. What you need to do is reset the PMU and PRAM on the entire system with stores trackpad system data. Do the following and you should be on you... Read More »

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Printer not working right....?

"… the black has just been refilled so its not a lack of ink."Cheap replacement inks are generally a bad idea, since they aren't made to the same specifications as brand inks.Try it again with a ... Read More »

My TV isn't working right?

What kind of tv do you have? First, check the cables for then antenna or cable box or whatever you use. If they're all connected solidly, try turning everything off and unplugging the power cords f... Read More »

Right speaker not working?

Sounds like the wires are touching. You might just need to get a new speaker system for your CPU.Happy listening!

Is YouTube working right now?