How many centimeters should you measure at 35 weeks pregnant?

Answer 35

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If im 27 weeks pregnant why does my fundal height measure 30 weeks?

Yes, I was told that I had a small pelvis and I had two vaginal births. My first one was a forcepts delivery but my second one was fine.

How much does someone measure at 16 weeks pregnant?

At sixteen weeks, a pregnant woman can be expected to measure about 16 cm. Beginning in the second trimester, the average woman measures the same as the number of weeks pregnant. However, a thicker... Read More »

When will labor begin if you are fifty percent effaced two centimeters dilated the baby is at minus two station and you are thirty six and a half weeks pregnant?

I'm sure you hate hearing people say this, but there is no way to determine how far off labour is by these statistics. As you may well know, dilation refers to the cervical opening, effacement to t... Read More »

How to Measure the Volume of Liquids in Centimeters?

A volume of space always contains three variables, the length, height and depth. Liquids and gases are measured by the space they take up. As there are three dimensions required to produce a volume... Read More »