How many centimeters do you have to be dilated before the mucous plug falls out?

Answer the mucous plug can fall out any where after the woman is dilated 2cm it also may never come out and the doctors will have to break the water them-selves.

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If you have lost mucous plug and you are dilated 5cm is labor near?

Answer Yes, very likely. Some doctors will tell you that at 5cm, you are in labor. Wait for those regular contractions, then go in.

You are 36 weeks and dilated to 2 cm and you just lost your mucous plug how long until you deliver?

i would say not long at all!!!!!!!!so hurry up and get tothe hospital girl.... my water didnt break until i got ther and it was 2hr later my son was born.. are you having contractions?

Does a mucous plug look like Clear and whitish yellow strands of mucous?

Answer It can. It looks more like nasal discharge when you have a cold. But can be pinkish as well if tniged with blood. If there's a lot of blood, my recommendation (in my non-professional opinion... Read More »

What is a mucous plug?

AnswerMy mucus (or mucous) plug I expected to be a sort of clump but it wasn't. it was brownish blood and only a very small amount. I lost it while in hospital and the midwife informed me that this... Read More »