How many centimeters dialated to you have to be before you give birth?

Answer 10 centimeters is considered fully dialated

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How many centimeters do you have to be to give birth?

After you give birth how long should you wait to give birth to a baby again?

It is best to wait at least a year to try to get pregnant again so your body can fully heal before going thru the same rough process again. If you get pregnant soon after having a baby the chances ... Read More »

When at 5 centimeters how long before birth?

Some women get to 5 cm before they realize they are in labor, for others 5 cm marks the spot where labor gets more intense and things start happening very fast. Either way it means that new baby wi... Read More »

How many centimeters till birth?

The cervix is considered fully dilated at 10 centimeters.