How many centimeters is a 37-inch LCD TV?

Answer There are 2.54 centimeters in an inch. A 37-inch television is 93.98 centimeters. LCD televisions are measured from one upper edge of the screen to the opposite lower edge (upper left corner to low... Read More »

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How many centimeters is 43 inches?

To convert from inches to the metric measurement of centimeters, simply use the formula inches multiplied by 2.54 equals centimeters. In this case, 43 inches equals 109.22 centimeters. There are nu... Read More »

How many centimeters is 21 inches?

To convert inches to centimeters, the use of the ratio of inches to centimeters (1:2.54) is used. Multiply the number of inches by the factor of 2.54 for the conversion. Therefore, 21 times 2.54 re... Read More »

How many inches is 44 centimeters?

To convert centimeters to inches, a simple conversion rate of 2.54:1 is used. In other words, there are 2.54 centimeters in each inch. Divide 44 by 2.54 to find the total number of inches. The answ... Read More »

2 feet are how many centimeters?

24inches because their is 12 inches in 1 foot so there is 24 inches is 2 feet Well, since there are 2.54cm to the inch and there are 24 inches in two feet. You multiply 24 times 2.54 and it should ... Read More »