How many cells are in a human body?

Answer There is no consensus among scientists and researchers on the estimated amount of cells in a human body. Some sources estimate that the average adult human is composed of 10 trillion cells, while ... Read More »

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How many different cells are in a human body?

The human body has various types of cells, including nervous, stem and muscle cells. The body has more than 75 trillion cells within it. Each kind of cell has its own specific function.Source:Molec... Read More »

How many nerve cells are in a human body?

Nerve cells, or neurons, carry electrical messages to and from the brain. Scientists do not yet know the average number of neurons in the human body; past estimates range from 10 billion to 1 trill... Read More »

How many pairs of chromosomes do human body cells contain?

Each human being should have 46 chromosomes, or 23 pairs. However, in some cases people may have genetic abnormalities which result in having too many or two few chromosomes. According to the Natio... Read More »

Have you heard of dogs that can smell cancer cells on a human body?

yes they are using them in research now,but have been proven just how good their noses are,so far during the testing of this they picked up breast cancer with 90% accuracey and detected even before... Read More »