How many cells are in Excel 2007?

Answer Microsoft Excel 2007 has 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns available to use. The total number of cells will equal the number of rows times the total number of columns. Therefore, 1,048,576 times 16... Read More »

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How to Lock Excel 2007 Cells?

According to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's LTS Online Help Documentation website, locking the cells in your Excel 2007 document can protect them from accidental changes. The website also... Read More »

How to Reduce Padding in Excel 2007 Cells?

When you first open Excel 2007, columns and rows are set to a default height and width. The rows are 20 pixels or 15 points high, while the columns are 64 pixels or 8.43 characters wide. Points ref... Read More »

How to Remove Cells with Zeros from Excel 2007?

Removing cells with zeros by hand in Excel 2007 can be tedious and time-consuming; this is especially true if your spreadsheet contains a large amount of data. One solution is to use a Visual Basic... Read More »

How do I copy a formula to other cells in Excel 2007?

Select the cell with the formula to copy. Then click "Cut" under the "Home" tab on the left-hand side.Click "Paste" under the "Home" tab to paste the formula and format of the formula. Click "Paste... Read More »