How many cell phones are lost in the U.S. annually?

Answer The United States population owns over 234 million cell phones. From these cell phones, more then 70 million are reported lost. That means 30 percent of Americans lose their cell phones each year.S... Read More »

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How do i find lost or stolen cell phones?

Google Click to CallOpen your web browser and go to the Google Maps page. Enter your name and phone number, with area code, into the search bar. When your name and number come up in the results, se... Read More »

How many pay phones do you see these days now that cell phones are used ?

Should cell phones be banned from schools when cell phones help in emergencies?

On One Hand: Cause More Problems Than SolveCell phones can help students in emergencies but may cause more problems than they solve. Problems reported by Public School Review include the use of mob... Read More »

How many cell phones are there in the USA?

There are 276.6 million cell phones being used in the United States as of June 2009. That is 89 percent of the population. In 2003, there were 159 million cell phone users compared to just 59 milli... Read More »