How many cell layers compose a poriferan?

Answer Poriferan, or sponge, refers to approximately 9,000 species of simple multicellular animals, most of which live in salt water. The body wall of a poriferan is approximately two cell layers thick, w... Read More »

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How many songs did Aaron Copland compose?

Iconic American composer Aaron Copland wrote 105 songs during his career, which spanned the 20th century. His work invoked the spirit of America by combining folk rhythms and melodies with symphoni... Read More »

Program to compose many images into 1 big rectangle or square?

Maybe...Collage Makers:Create collages based on shapes or words, all for free: is a powerful, but simple and easy-to-use online image editor which also allows y... Read More »

How many layers are in the rainforest?

Rain forests are typically said to have four layers. The four layers are, from the ground up: the forest floor, the understory, the canopy and the emergent layer. Each layer has its own specific fl... Read More »

How many layers of food coloring are in an M&M?

M&Ms have one layer of color. After the chocolate center is molded, M&Ms undergo a process called "panning," where several layers of opaque candy coating are sprayed onto the chocolate centers and ... Read More »