How many hours do cats sleep a day?

Answer Cats are most active during the early morning and later in the evening, as this would be the normal time their prey was active. Virginia Wells of states that cats sleep anywhere from 1... Read More »

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How many calories a day do cats need?

A cat's caloric intake depends on its weight and age. A 5-lb. kitten needs 200 calories, a 10-lb. domestic cat needs 280 calories, and a pregnant or nursing 10-lb. cat needs 603 calories per day.So... Read More »

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How many cat characters are described in old possum's book of practical cats?

The Old Gumbie Cat (Jennyanydots)GrowltigerRum tum tuggerMungojerrie and RumpleteaserOld DeutoronomyRumpus Cat (Pekes and the Pollicles)Mr MistoffolesMacavityGus the theatre cat (Asparagus)Bustophe... Read More »