How many catholics are in mexico?

Answer Mexico is predominately Catholic, with about 89 percent of the population, or 93.6 million people claiming Catholicism as their religion. While the number of Catholics in Mexico has been growing as... Read More »

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How many catholics are in the u.s.?

According to a 2007 study by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, Catholics made up about 24 percent of the American population. Their numbers declined slightly and then rose again; according t... Read More »

How many catholics are in the usa?

According to a study by the Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches, the number of Catholics in the United States is 67.1 million (as of 2009). This is a decrease of 400,000 from 2007, which still... Read More »

How many catholics are there per continent?

On December 2007, there were 5,535,000 Catholics in the Americas; 2,428,000 in Asia; 6,612,000 in Africa; 199,000 in Oceania; and 1,132,000 in Europe, according to Agenzia Fides, the Vatican's news... Read More »

How many catholics were killed by the nazis?

It is difficult to estimate the number of Catholics killed by the Nazis, since concentration camps did not always keep records of a prisoner's religion. There was no organized persecution of Cathol... Read More »