How many carriers are on a cell tower?

Answer Some cell towers are owned by the individual cellular company and therefore house only one carrier which is the one that owns the tower. Other towers, however; can be leased and therefore may conta... Read More »

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How to Keep the Same Cell Number for Different Carriers?

Changing phone providers used to mean that you had to give up your old phone number and have a new number assigned to you. This was a major inconvenience, as you had to call all of your contacts an... Read More »

Can cell phone carriers get this?

The person whose name is on the contract can get cell phone records for every line that is on their contract. These records usually show what numbers were called and who text messages are too. So... Read More »

Which cell phone carriers use sim cards?

Cell phone carriers Cingular and T-Mobile use SIM cards in their phones. Cingular recently merged with AT&T. SIM card technology, which serves as identification for your phone, is not available thr... Read More »

How to Find Carriers on Cell Phone Towers?

For better or worse, the landscape is now dotted with communications towers that carry antennas and transmit signals for cell phones, television, radio, emergency communications and a host of other... Read More »