How many carpels in a tomato?

Answer There is no simple answer for this. Its equivalent to how many hairs on your arm. A tomato plant has carpels, or the female reproductive organs. These carpels have lobes and every lobe can become a... Read More »

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What name is given to flowers with both stamens&carpels?

Because stamens and carpels are male and female reproductive parts, flowers with both are called hermaphroditic or androgynous. They are also called perfect flowers because stamens and carpels--the... Read More »

Which is a true statement about angiosperm carpels?

The carpel (or pistil) is the female part of an angiosperm. It is essential for reproduction in flowering plants, and is composed of a style, stigma and ovary. Fertilization of the plant occurs whe... Read More »

How many carpels fuse together to form an apple?

Apples contain five compartments called carpels that fuse together as an apple grows. Inside the hollow carpels are the apple seeds. Different varieties of apples have varying numbers of seeds in e... Read More »

What is the difference between a sun dried tomato and a sun blushed tomato?

Answer I would guess that the difference would be that a sun blushed tomato (though I have never heard of it) would be a little less baked by the sun than a sun dried tomato.