Playing 100 rummy is it a miss deal if one deals out more than ten cards to each person no one picked up the extra card?

Answer Bob Barker

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Approximately how many cards are sent each year?

In 2009, Americans mailed about 4 billion greeting cards, according to Robert F. Bernstock, the U.S. Postal Service's president of mailing and shipping services. That number is more than half the 7... Read More »

How many Super Bowl tickets is each player allocated?

Each NFL player is allotted the opportunity to purchase a total of two tickets to the Super Bowl each season. Similarly, a player may receive two complimentary tickets for regular season home game... Read More »

How many men does each player start a game of checkers with?

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How long are plant cells in each phase of mitosis?

On average, plants spend about 12 minutes in each phase of mitosis. However, no two plants are the same, and many experience much more rapid cell division than others, while some divide slowly.Refe... Read More »