How many carbs would you say are in this cookie?

Answer 24

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Who would you bake some Love for this Christmas Best cookie Recipe?

I had to ask if you were asking for a recipe for love or cookies, you said both so here we go:( For love, I don't measure anything is small amounts, but its all heaps and lots not measured but free... Read More »

I know I asked this earlier- But, I wanted to see how many more mommies would answer this!?

Both you and your baby are beautiful!Interesting question, I wonder also.Here's me:…Here's my daughter:…and to... Read More »

How many carbs per day?

You're eating something that's too high in carbs. I stay at around 45 per day, I still eat fruit and veggies. But I don't eat the ones high in sugar, so berries. 240 is a huge number. Get under a h... Read More »

How many carbs is low carb?

The number of daily carbohydrates allowed in a low-carb diet varies by individual, but most low-carb diets recommend eating only 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrate daily. A low-carb diet eliminates sta... Read More »