How many cans of beer are in a keg?

Answer Kegs of beer are typically sold in a half-keg size, which contain 15.5 gallons, and a quarter-keg size, which contain 7.75 gallons. A standard-size can of beer holds 12 oz. Since there are 128 oz i... Read More »

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How many cases of beer cans are equivalent to a beer keg?

A keg by U.S. specifications holds 1984.0 ounces of beer. A case of beer with 24 twelve ounce cans contains 288 ounces of beer. With those numbers it would take 6.89 cases of beer to equal the am... Read More »

How many bottles/cans of BEER should a person drink EVERYDAY to call him/her an ALCOHOLIC?

actually it doesn't go by the number enki........truth betold goes be a persons dependency on the alcohol.......there are even several different categories of alcholic's ....there are some ... Read More »

Have you seen Budweiser beer cans?

Crafts Made Out of Recycled Beer & Soda Cans?

You can use crushed beer and pop cans to make crafts for children and art for adults. These crafts are simple and only use acrylic paints, a white primer paint, some construction paper, canvases if... Read More »