How many candles can you make out of 5 lb. of soy wax flakes?

Answer Five pounds of soy wax flakes will be enough for five mason jar candles or 40 votive candles. A single mason jar will hold about one pound of soy wax, while each votive requires 2 ounces of flakes.... Read More »

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How many candles can you make out of a pound of beeswax?

The number of candles that can be made from a pound of wax depends on the size of the candles being made. One 16-oz. candle, two 8-oz. candles, four 4-oz. candles, or eight 2-oz. candles can be mad... Read More »

How many votive candles will 1 lb. of wax make?

Since it takes about 2 oz. of candle wax to make one standard sized votive candle, 1 lb. of wax will yield eight votive candles. Measure the wax carefully with a digital scale for the best results.... Read More »

How to Make Soap Flakes?

Soap flakes are an important basic item in the laundry. While it is possible to buy them, you can easily make your own at home using the soap of your preference and at a good price. This recipe for... Read More »

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Chocolate flakes are shards of chocolate used for decorating cakes, desserts, and other treats. They are similar to chocolate curls but less defined and more random.