How many calories should men eat a day on the flat belly diet?

Answer The Flat Belly Diet for men are planned to eat approximately 2,000 calories per day. The diet suggests that men break the calories into three main course meals and two snacks per day, consuming 400... Read More »

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Flat belly, how do i get my abs to show?

A good diet/exercise plan would be:Breakfast: Cook 9-grain cereal (from health food store) in water with rolled oats and wheat bran. Make a big pot of it on weekends and nuke 1 cup each morning. ... Read More »

Blue Belly Lizards Diet?

The Sceloporus occidentalis or blue belly lizard, also called the Western fence lizard or a swift, is a small lizard common to California and surrounding U.S. states. This spiny lizard is generally... Read More »

What is a good diet plan for me to lose belly fat?

Apparently you know how to lose weight if you just lost 40 lbs? I recommend walking, if you are young, do exercises at school, use whatever machines available you can lose and tighten up about man... Read More »

If you were to lie flat on your belly, on your kitchen floor, how much cereal & grated cheese would you find?

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