Calories in Kraft Mac n cheese (cheese packet)?

Answer without the cheese, its just noddles.1 cup of plain macaroni has 182 calories.If you add milk and butter, you have to count that too and the calorie information for that is on the packages of milk ... Read More »

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How many calories in a serving of beef stew?

If the beef stew is homemade the calorie content is determined by all the ingredients (in total) that go into the stew and the quantities of those ingredients. Alternatively, if the beef stew is a ... Read More »

How much calories can I get from a serving of plain popcorn?

In an air popper,a serving size is 6tbp. of unpopped corn.The calorie amount is 120 per serving.Two servings for 240 cal. is a ton of popcorn & it's very filling.Your popcorn doesn't have 2 be plai... Read More »

Have you tried Velvetta shells and cheese individual serving microwave pasta?

HA! I 'inherited' it from a pantry I cleaned out, so it was a free trial.I took a bite and immediately looked for a nutrition panel to see how much salt it had. Mine was originally part of a multip... Read More »

How many calories in reduced fat cheese?

It depends on the kind of cheese you get, but on average, reduced-fat cheese is about 50-70 calories per slice.