How many calories is 30 minutes on an exercise bike?

Answer The calories burned in 30 minutes on an exercise bike varies, depending on factors such as your weight and your efforts on the machine. For instance, a 150-pound woman can burn between 130 and 330... Read More »

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How many calories are burned on a stationary bike in 30 minutes?

The average person who weighs 135 lbs. will burn about 200 calories on a stationary bicycle from 30 minutes of activity. However, exercise calories vary based on your weight, age and the intensity ... Read More »

Does riding an exercise bike or swimming burn more calories?

On One Hand: Burning Calories at a Moderate PaceThe number of calories you burn while exercising depends on your body weight and the intensity of your physical activity. Exercising at at moderate p... Read More »

How to Buy an Exercise Bike?

If you don't have the time or money to go to the gym, buying your own exercise bike lets you do the recommended 75 to 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, every week, at home. An exercise bike w... Read More »

How to Use an Exercise Bike?

An exercise bike, or stationary bike, lets you get a cardiovascular workout by simulating riding a bicycle outdoors. It's a good option for exercisers who tend to skip workouts when the weather is ... Read More »