Price of ice cream cone in mcdonalds?

Answer At most Mcdonalds the price is $1.00 hope this helps

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How many calories in mcdonalds sausage?

A McDonald's Sausage Patty has 170 calories of which 140 are from fat. There is a total of 15g of fat in the patty and of those 15 grams of 5 five of them are saturated fat. This is the patty alone... Read More »

Ice cream Sandwich or Ice Cream Cone Which you like better?

How many calories are in coffee cream?

According to, there are 52 calories in a tablespoon of heavy cream. Light cream contains 29 calories per tablespoon. On the lighter side, a tablespoon of half and half contain... Read More »

How many calories in 1 teaspoon of heavy cream?