How many calories does this meal have (vegetarian roast pig/pork)?

Answer THat's a PHOTOGRAPH.Wtf's IN the thing?

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How many calories are in the dixie stampede meal in branson missouri ?

Does dark roast coffee have less caffeine than light roast?

Dark roast beans are roasted as such a high temperature for a long period of time, that the core of the bean (where the caffeine is stored) slowly dissolves away. They do this process because the n... Read More »

How many calories does this workout burn approx?

Around 150 - 200 calories depending on your weight.

How many calories does this short workout burn (20 points ->read desc)?

My guess is about 120-200 calories. maybe even more. Perhaps about 200-300 calories. It's a rough estimate. I'd be more accurate if you told me how much time in all.EDIT:actually I think it would b... Read More »