How many calories is shrimp lomein?

Answer it depends on what you eat ontop,over,under or around the srimp. for example if you put alot of spices that will add some fat. what you put on it will increase the fat. if you eat shrimp alone it h... Read More »

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Do the olive garden have good food what about denny's?

Hey First,If your idea of good food is the stuff that you won't even feed your dog, then...They've got GREAT food!And so does ARCO Am/Pm Mini marts and 7/11!NEVER, EVER say the words Good Food and ... Read More »

Does Olive Garden use eggs in its pasta?

Olive Garden does not disclose whether it uses eggs in the majority of its pastas, so those who don't eat eggs should probably eat elsewhere. Olive Garden does state on its website that no items on... Read More »

Does everyone like Olive Garden?

Yes I personally would love a gift card to Olive Garden. Their menu is the best I am watching what I eat and they have many healthy choices and right now they have 2 for 25 deal this is a three cou... Read More »

How many calories does a watermelon have?

It would entirely depend on the sugar content of that particular melon. But since watermelon is mostly water, I wouldn't worry about it--15 lbs of it notwithstanding! Read More »