How many calories does an eliptical machine burn?

Answer Depending on a person's size, workouts on an elliptical machine burn varying numbers of calories. A 120-pound woman can expect to burn 310 calories in a half-hour, a 150-pound woman can burn 387 ca... Read More »

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How many calories does a crunch burn?

200 crunches burn about 10 calories, so if you divide 10 by 200 you find that one crunch would burn 0.05 callories.You actually burn 50 calories doing 100 crunches, so 200 would burn 100 calories

How many calories does a Aquacise burn?

I found a website that breaks down how to calculate that number of calories burned during a work out. Using water aerobics as the example, and the exercisers approximate body weight of 200 pounds, ... Read More »

How many calories does having sex burn?

How many calories does a sauna burn?

Sitting in a sauna makes you sweat sweating releases fluid from your body when your in a sauna a lot of fluid is released so it seems like you've lost weight but onced rink water to cool off you au... Read More »