What is a clementine orange&how many calories does it have?

Answer A clementine is a sweet orange from the rutaceae family of fruits. They are small, with thin, loose skins, and are easy to peel and easy to eat. The color is dark orange.HistoryAccording to Practic... Read More »

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How much calories does orange chicken have?

It depends on how much you're having. If it's a plateful, the orange chicken has around 1000 calories. If it's a normal serving it has about 500.

How many calories does alcohol have?

The number of calories in an alcoholic beverage vary greatly. With one drink defined as a 12 ounce beer, one ounce of liquor or two to four ounces of wine, the caloric contents are as follows: beer... Read More »

How many calories does a poached egg have?

One large poached egg of approximate 50-gram size has 71 calories including 5 grams of fat, 211 mg cholesterol, 147 mg sodium, 0 carbohydrates, 0 fiber and 6 grams of protein. The egg is a great so... Read More »

How many calories does one jawbreaker have?