How Many Calories In Cheddars Cookie Monster?

Answer Cheddar's doesn't have their nutritional information available online. Just guessing, though, it would probably be anywhere from 800-1,200 calories, but then again, that's just a rough estimate.

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How many calories does 12 almonds have?

There are 84 calories in 12 raw almonds.

How many calories does a watermelon have?

It would entirely depend on the sugar content of that particular melon. But since watermelon is mostly water, I wouldn't worry about it--15 lbs of it notwithstanding! Read More »

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How many calories & fat does bacon have?

Hiya,According to Calorie Lab, there are 38.6 calories and 4.3 grams of fat in a slice of bacon. Interestingly, these numbers vary depending on the source. Some sites I found have the number listed... Read More »