How many calories do u burn by sneezing 5 times in a row?

Answer hiSneezing burns such an insignificant amount of calories that it can't be measured! Certainly not worth sniffing pepper for!otherIt's said that you can burn 7 calories by sneezing.You can burn aro... Read More »

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I just had a nose bleed after sneezing a few times, should i be concerned?

Yes, You have to consult either a ENT Surgeon or Neurosurgeon.

Will i Lose weight if i eat 1200 calories and i burn at least 100 calories?

Burn 1250 calories/day plus calories consumed?

The calculator I use (it's been fairly accurate for me) estimates that you burn closer to 2900 calories in a day if sedentary (assuming you're a teen or young adult). 1940 seems more accurate for y... Read More »

If I burn 1000 calories a day,how many calories should I eat?

The recommended amount for a 14-18 year old is 1800 calories. This amount is for you're body to function. You're eating 1500 and burning 1000 of these, therfore you're body is only getting 500 of i... Read More »