How many calories are used in 13 minutes of walking?

Answer The amount of calories burned from walking for 13 minutes depends on body weight and the pace of walking. The total calories burned in 13 minutes range from 31.2 to 88.4. Those weighing around 100 ... Read More »

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Is 30 minutes brisk walking on the sand every day enough exercise?

Depends 1 hr is much better .. xxx then u can make to to a guy after that ha xxxx

How Many Pounds a Week Should I Lose Walking 50 Minutes a Day?

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I get a sharp achy pain in one of my legs when im walking for more than about 5 minutes, what is it?

You didn't list what part of the leg was having the pain, upper or lower? makes a difference in trying to help you out.

How many calories do you burn when walking?

According to Runner's World, over a 1,600 meter walk, that's around a mile, on a treadmill, men burned and average of 88 calories and women burned an average of 74 calories. Men burned more because... Read More »