How many calories are there in rum cake?

Answer Although rum cake recipes differ, one-twelfth of an average rum cake contains between 450 and 500 calories and about 24g of fat. You can make a lighter version for about 300 calories per (slightly ... Read More »

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How many calories are in rum cake?

A typical rum cake contains 12 1/2 servings, each with 454 calories. That means the entire cake contains 5,675 calories. Each serving also contains 23 1/2 grams of fat and 92mg of cholesterol, brin... Read More »

How many calories are there in a cup of tea?

A single 8 oz. cup of plain black tea brewed with tap water contains 2 calories. However, adding milk, cream or sweeteners will significantly raise the caloric value of a cup of tea. Plain tea wit... Read More »

How many calories are there in beer?

Calories in Beer Here are some calorie counts for 12 ounces of different beers: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 175 Sam Adams Lager: 160 Pilsner Uruqell: 160 Michelob: 155 Guinness: 153 Heineken: 150 Coron... Read More »

How many calories is there in 5 almonds?

You are looking at about 42 Calories for 5 average sized almonds