How many calories are there in a sweet potato pie?

Answer The number of calories in a sweet potato pie depend on the serving size and the ingredients used--low fat substitutes, such as margarine, egg substitute and non-dairy cream can lower the amount of ... Read More »

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How many calories are in a baked sweet potato?

The number of calories in a baked sweet potato depends on how big the potato is and whether it was baked with added fat. If a sweet potato is baked in its skin, with no added fat, a small potato (a... Read More »

Japanese sweet potato vs regular sweet potato with orange flesh?

According to an article on, Japanese sweet potatoes and "American" sweet potatoes are similar, with Japanese sweet potatoes tasting sweeter. I found several articles that talk about... Read More »

Is there any difference between Sweet Potato Vine - Batata - with heart-shaped leaves and purple to black skin and the vine from the edible tuberous root of the sweet potato?

Answer Probably not. I have included two web links to help you make sure. See the related links below. There is also a vine called Potato Vine which is a member of the Solanum family and it is toxi... Read More »

Difference Between Sweet Potato Slips & Sweet Potato Plant?

The main difference between sweet potato slips and plants is timing. Sweet potatoes are propagated using sprouts --- or slips --- that grow out of existing sweet potatoes. When the slips are a few ... Read More »