How many calories is shrimp lomein?

Answer it depends on what you eat ontop,over,under or around the srimp. for example if you put alot of spices that will add some fat. what you put on it will increase the fat. if you eat shrimp alone it h... Read More »

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If I burn 1000 calories a day,how many calories should I eat?

The recommended amount for a 14-18 year old is 1800 calories. This amount is for you're body to function. You're eating 1500 and burning 1000 of these, therfore you're body is only getting 500 of i... Read More »

What is the difference between salad shrimp and regular shrimp?

You are leafing through a cookbook and come across a recipe that calls for a pound of salad shrimp. What, you wonder, are salad shrimp and how are they different from "regular" shrimp?Shrimp Presen... Read More »

How many jumbo shrimp are in a pound?

A pound of jumbo shrimp contains about 21 to 25 individual shrimp. Most retail shrimp packaging is labeled with both the size name and the number per pound in order to avoid confusion.Source:What's... Read More »

How many minutes do you grill shrimp for?

When the shrimp is butterflied, or split, it can be grilled for 2 minutes per side over a high heat until the shells have become pink and the flesh has turned from a translucent to a white and opaq... Read More »