How many calories are in pure maple syrup?

Answer A teaspoon of pure maple syrup has 52 calories. While 52 calories may seem like a lot in comparison to syrups sweetened with refined sugars, 13 percent of your daily calcium can be obtained from th... Read More »

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Is pure organic maple syrup bad for you?

YOU DRINK MAPLE SYRUP? WHY DONT U PUT IT ON YO WAFFLES OR PANCAKES. No not bad, it just has a lot of sugar.

Does pure maple syrup need refrigeration?

Prior to opening, pure maple syrup does not require refrigeration and can keep in a cool, dark place for as long as one year. Once opened, pure maple syrup needs refrigeration to prevent the growth... Read More »

Pure Maple Syrup vs. White Sugar?

Pure maple syrup is made from the sap of the sugar maple tree. Rising sap is harvested from the trees in spring and evaporated to produce syrup. Maple syrup production is labor-intensive; it is a m... Read More »

How to Whip Maple Syrup to Make Maple Sugar Candy?

Make your own maple sugar candy with whipped maple syrup, or maple cream. Whipped maple syrup is often called maple cream because after boiling the syrup gains an appearance and texture similar to ... Read More »