How many calories in pineapple?

Answer Calories in pineapple In fresh (not canned) there are: 448-452 calories in 1 whole pineapple (32 ounces or 905g)14 calories in 1 ounce or 28g of pineapple28 calories in 1 thin (½ inch) slice of pi... Read More »

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How do I grow a pineapple plant from the top of a pineapple?

At home, slice the crown (that's the leafy top part) off the fruit. Be sure to remove all the flesh. If you don't remove this material it may rot in the soil. Carefully slice small, horizontal sect... Read More »

Pineapple Juice or Pineapple Soda Ice cream or Yogurt Rye bread or Wheat bread?

Pineapple juice.Ice cream.Wheat bread.Good day to you, sir.

Who likes pineapple pizza and who thinks pineapple has no place to be on a pizza lol?

If I mix mango with pineapple will the pineapple flavour overtake the mango?

There is a new blend of juice on our supermarket shelves.. Orange juice with mango juice... the mango takes off the acidity of the orange juice... it really is useful for that... Pinapple juice is ... Read More »