How many calories are in mizithra cheese?

Answer A single 1-ounce or 28-gram serving of mizithra cheese contains 110 calories. Just under 73 percent of these calories are from fat, and the remaining percentage of calories are from protein. Each s... Read More »

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What is mizithra cheese?

Mizithra is a mild white cheese of Greek origin, made from fresh sheep and/or goat's milk.CharacteristicsMizithra is soft and white with a creamy, milky taste. It is a young, unaged and unpasteuriz... Read More »

Where do I buy Mizithra cheese in the Phoenix, AZ area?

A.J's Fine Foods in Central Phoenix, carries it !Here's their link for locations:… AJ's Fine FoodsCentral PhoenixCentral and CamelbackAddress5017 N. Cent... Read More »

Calories in Kraft Mac n cheese (cheese packet)?

without the cheese, its just noddles.1 cup of plain macaroni has 182 calories.If you add milk and butter, you have to count that too and the calorie information for that is on the packages of milk ... Read More »

What has more calories mayo or cheese?