How many calories are in two baby carrots?

Answer There are approximately 8 calories in two average size boiled or steamed baby carrots.

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If there are regular carrots and baby carrots, are there teenage carrots How bout toddler carrots?

there are purple and green carrots, the orange ones are just mutants.Purple, white and yellow carrots were imported to southern Europe in the 14th century. Black, red and green/yellow carrots were ... Read More »

If I burn 1000 calories a day,how many calories should I eat?

The recommended amount for a 14-18 year old is 1800 calories. This amount is for you're body to function. You're eating 1500 and burning 1000 of these, therfore you're body is only getting 500 of i... Read More »

How many carrots should I eat a day?

carrots don't contain vitamin A. they contain beta carotene aka provitamin A that is converted by the liver into vitamin A Almost all vegetables contain provitamin A. Broccoli contains as much of i... Read More »

Can a person eat too many carrots?

Yes. If all they eat is carrots then they can start to turn orange from the pigments in the carrot. There really is truth in the old adage that you are what you eat.