How many calories in mcdonalds sausage?

Answer A McDonald's Sausage Patty has 170 calories of which 140 are from fat. There is a total of 15g of fat in the patty and of those 15 grams of 5 five of them are saturated fat. This is the patty alone... Read More »

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How many calories in small watermelons?

Calories in small watermelons The calorie content is determined by the weight. For example, there are:Approximately 1355 in 1 watermelon (about 15" long x 7-1/2" diameter)Approximately 9 calories p... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Blizzard or McFlurry at Home?

Blizzards are the ultimate ice cream shake. Mixed with your favorite kind of candy bars, you can have a variety of ways in enjoying this dessert.

Calories in a Small Caesar Salad?

A small Caesar salad is a common appetizer or start to a meal. Consisting of roughly a cup of Romaine lettuce, a few croutons, dressing and grated Parmesan cheese, this small salad can pack a ton o... Read More »

How many calories are in a small soft pretzel?

That depends on what the brand is. A few brands include: Mr.Twister(260), Auntie Anne's (Original pretzel, 340), Pretzelmaker/Pretzel Time (Original salted, 310), Stadium Pretzel (488), and Wawa's ... Read More »