Would it be ok to eat a slice of broccoli/cheese pizza that's been sitting out for 48 hrs?

Answer If your home was air-conditioned the whole time at like 70 degrees- then go for it.

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Extra Cheese Pizza Ham & Cheese Sandwich Or Baked Potato with Butter & Cheese Which do u like better?

Pizza with Bacon Pizza with Broccoli Or Pizza with Extra Cheese Which from this list do u like better?

Pizza with extra cheese. I love that you always have a vegetarian option :) Good night Scooter!

Can you fax a slice of pizza?

you'd just be faxing im image of the pizza/food...

How much fat is in a slice of pizza?

The amount of fat in a slice of pizza depends on the size of the slice and the recipe for the pizza. At Pizza Hut, one slice of a medium Supreme pan pizza has 14 g of fat. One slice of Little Caesa... Read More »