How to Pull a Shot of Espresso?

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What is the difference between Coffee and an Espresso Shot?

The difference is the delivery of the espresso and coffee. By definition, you need to force the steaming water thru the espresso under pressure. However, you can find instant Mocha drinks today in ... Read More »

Can you ask to add an espresso shot for drink at starbucks Even tea..?

Sure, I love to add a shot to my coffee, or to get an extra shot in a latte. As for tea... yes you can, but it probably wont taste very good (and you might get a weird look from the cashier).Botto... Read More »

Does a latte wake you up as much as a shot of espresso?

It's the caffeine that wakes you up, and they both have the same amount if you finish the whole thing.

How many calories in 2 shots of espresso?

A typical shot of espresso contains 5-6 calories, so a double shot would contain 10-12 calories.