How many calories are in a plateful of spaghetti with tomato sauce & mince?

Answer HiIt depends on how many grams in the food that you cooked I can't give an estimate but 100g of spaghetti dry usually is about 350-375 calories :-)Have a nice day :-)

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How to make delicious tomato sauce spaghetti?

mix various herbs and spices that you like with some tinned tomato, garlic and onion

How to Make a Delicious Dish of Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce?

Have you been craving Mom's spaghetti while away from home in college? With my "How to" you will be able to create this easy meal on your own!

What's the difference between spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce?

Hello, I am an Italian boyI live in Italy, RomeI was very intrigued by your questionI admit that i don't know the difference between these sauces, but I can tell you how we make pizza at home.we do... Read More »

Pasta and sliced okra: cheesy bechamel sauce or tomato based sauce?

OKRA!! With tomato based sauce...mmmmm...doesn't sound good