How many calories in mcdonalds sausage?

Answer A McDonald's Sausage Patty has 170 calories of which 140 are from fat. There is a total of 15g of fat in the patty and of those 15 grams of 5 five of them are saturated fat. This is the patty alone... Read More »

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How many Lipton iced tea packets do you put in a Mr. Coffee 2 qt. tea maker?

From an Amazon review:"(The reviewer who used 14 bags for 2 quarts is doing something insanely wrong. Above all, they're probably using individual bags. You'll definitely want to get a few boxes of... Read More »

How many calories in a large banana?

Calories in a large bananaThere are:125 calories in one large banana (8" to 9" long)135 calories in one very large ripe banana (over 9" long)25 calories in each ounce or 28g of banana. Banana, thou... Read More »

How many calories in large apple?

Answer Try this site, I use it for all my food nutrition data.

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