How to Manipulate Ohm's Law and Joule's Law?

Answer The purpose of writing this article is to teach people to manipulate Ohm’s law and Joule's law. it silly to use the ohm’s law diagram or memorize all 12 ways of writing these formulas. It’s b... Read More »

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Who discovered the joule?

Credit for the discovery of the joule goes to James Prescott Joule, and the joule takes its name from him. First revealed in a formula now known as “Joule’s Law,” the joule is now the interna... Read More »

Who invented the Joule?

The Joule, also known as the international unit of energy, resulted from the work of James Prescott Joule. In 1843, Joule's paper "On the Calorific Effects of Magneto-Electricity and on the Mechani... Read More »

What does joule mean in an electric fencer?

A joule is a measure of the capacity of a small amount of electricity to move a specified amount of weight a specified distance. In electric fencing, the joule rating of the fence varies by the siz... Read More »

What does joule mean in an electric fence?

A joule measures work or energy, like an inch measures length. According to the University of North Carolina, a joule is "the work done by a force of one newton acting to move an object through a d... Read More »