How many calories are in steak?

Answer Calories in steak Here are examples for a variety of beef steak cuts and sizes. Sirloin steak cooked by overhead grilling/oven grilling/broiling 212 calories in a 4 oz or 114g (lean only, fat not e... Read More »

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How many calories in a cupcake from Kroger?

Nutrition information for Kroger cupcakes aren't available anywhere. However, the average cupcake is about 250-450 calories. Here's some information on one of them: Read More »

How many calories are in a blueberry muffin from McDonald's?

McDonald's offers many food options on their breakfast menu, including the blueberry muffin. McDonald's blueberry muffin contains 410 calories according to's Daily Plate. The muffin ... Read More »

How many calories in dry chicken chow mein from the chinese?

Not sure how many calories, but its about the lowest fat thing you can have from the chinese!! I remember it well from my WW days - it was all I would eat from there!