What has more calories a cookie or a cupcake?

Answer Cupcakes have more calories than cookies.

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How many calories in a cupcake from Kroger?

Nutrition information for Kroger cupcakes aren't available anywhere. However, the average cupcake is about 250-450 calories. Here's some information on one of them: Read More »

How many calories in a mini crave cupcake?

Crave doesn't have their nutritional info listed. It also depends on a lot of other factors, like which flavor you chose, etc. On average, though, one mini cupcake has about 100-150 calories.

Can you please tell me which cupcake bakeries that were on cupcake wars are located in chicago?

Mollys cupcakes won cupcake wars located on 2536 North Clark Street in the northside. There was also a bus that was on cupcake wars...everyday it is somewhere else in the Chicagoland area. It is a ... Read More »

If i plant a Cupcake, will it grow into a Cupcake tree?

yep, but you need to make sure you add sprinkles in the dirt to nurish it, a little frosting too. but not too much, it will hurt your cupcacke seedling.