How many calories in a banana muffin?

Answer around 17O

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Chocolate Chip Muffin Cranberry Muffin Or Red velvet Muffin Which from this list do u like better?

cranberry is the best. I prefer red velvet cupcakes not muffins, and chocolate chip muffins just taste weird to me.

How many calories in a Vons bran muffin?

An average size bran muffin might be approximately 250 calories.

How many calories are in a blueberry muffin from McDonald's?

McDonald's offers many food options on their breakfast menu, including the blueberry muffin. McDonald's blueberry muffin contains 410 calories according to's Daily Plate. The muffin ... Read More »

Chocolate Muffin Corn Muffin Or Blueberry Muffin Which do you like better?

Oh god i love corn muffins! But there's something about putting a chocolate muffin in the Microwave and Nucking it for just a few seconds just to get those chips to melt that gets my mouth watering :)