Texas Burger Bacon Cheese Burger Or regular Cheese Burger Which do you like better?

Answer Wow, I've never tried that before. I guess I should try one today hu?

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Regular Burger Cheese Burger Bacon Cheese Burger Or Veggie Burger?

Veggie Burger!The best is Amy's Kitchen Bistro Burger

How many calories are in a Burger King Veggie Burger?

You may be surprised to know the Burger King Veggie Burger contains 420 calories and 16g of fat. Although the veggie burger is not exactly healthy fare, a Whopper, by contrast, contains 670 calorie... Read More »

How many calories in a pork burger?

There are about 333 calories in a pork burger. Please see related source link below.

How many calories do you think are in this burger?

The roll would be the most calories, the rest is all vegetables, though the avocado has calories.I'll guess around 300 calories...