How many calories are in a bowl of cabbage soup?

Answer According to Diet Facts, a bowl of cabbage soup (7 ounces) has 49 calories. Carbohydrates make up 73.5 percent of these calories, 16.3 percent come from protein and the rest from fat. A bowl also c... Read More »

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How to Make Good Soup for Your Cabbage Soup Diet?

The Cabbage Soup diet may sound gross but it is easy to do when you make the soup delicious. These simple steps will show you how to make an enjoyable cabbage soup, so that loosing that weight will... Read More »

Has anyone ever tried that cabbage soup diet?

My dad did and he lost A LOT of weight u have 2 do it 4 a week and then stop 4 2 weeks and so on.i loved ta soup but my lil bro didnt it dependens on u. i lost 2 lbs but only did it 3 days but then... Read More »

How to Make Cabbage Soup?

The Italian and Jewish versions are both delicious!

Can you freeze cabbage soup?

Cabbage soup can easily be frozen for consumption at a later time. Wait for the soup to cool, and then put it into plastic baggies or another sealed plastic container. The cabbage soup page on "Suc... Read More »