Where can I buy a Belgian waffle irons.?

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Where was the Belgian waffle invented?

The original Brusselsvwaffle, or gaufre, was first invented in Ghent in 1839 and then introduced to Americans by Maurice Vermersch at the 1964 New York World's Fair, according to ... Read More »

The History of the Belgian Waffle?

The Belgian waffle does not refer to one specific waffle recipe. A culinary specialty, each region of the country developed its own recipe. While the main ingredients (flour, milk, sugar and eggs) ... Read More »

How to Syrup a Waffle?

Here is how to properly syrup a waffle.

POLL: Do you prefer waffles with ice cream and chocolate syrup Or with ice cream with butter and maple syrup?

Actually, waffles with ice cream sounds delicious. The only thing I like chocolate syrup for is to make chocolate milk :)Ice cream with butter and maple syrup sounds kinda gross. At least with butt... Read More »