How many calories are in a tall SKINNY chai tea FRAPP from Starbucks?

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Iced Vanilla Latte from Starbucks?

The Iced Vanilla Latte has a stronger coffee-like taste than the Mocha Cookie Crumble. Personally, I find it a lot less sweet. The Mocha Cookie has a dessert taste that the Iced Vanilla doesn't rea... Read More »

Does a chai tea latte at starbucks have shots in it?

No, it's made with half milk, and half chai tea The chai tea at Starbucks is made from a concentrate mixed with water. When it is mixed with water, it is generally much weaker than other chai tea ... Read More »

I ordered a butterscotch latte from Starbucks, but it contained neither butter nor scotch. Should I complain?

When one is married to the most insufferable, nagging, battle axe on the planet, one learns to carry his own Scotch.

How many calories in a tea latte with no sweetener?