How many calories are in a bologna sandwich?

Answer Answer Nutrition FactsServing Size 1 serving 1 slice (28g)Amount Per ServingCalories 87Calories from Fat 71% Daily Value* Total Fat 7.9g 12%

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How many calories are in a ham&cheese sandwich?

The calorie count of a ham and cheese sandwich depends on how much of each ingredient it contains. A sandwich that contains 4 oz. ham and 4 oz. cheese plus mayonnaise on 3 oz. of bread provides abo... Read More »

How many calories does one sandwich have?

Depends on what type of bread you use and what you put in it. One typical slice of bread is between 80-100 so if you have a sandwhich with one slice of ham in it it's around 250 or 300 with butter

How many calories is this subway sandwich?

Probably 400 to 500 calories now I am not trying to put you down the calories are good calories though.

How many calories in a subway black forest ham sandwich?

thats have lots of caloriebut who cares i love to eat this:D